NY Times Shines Light on Glitter

The New York Times yesterday posted a solid write up about the world of glitter manufacturing and technology behind it.

The dismaying part is the final paragraph: 

"For people who love glitter, there is wonderful news: all the modern plastic glitter that has ever been created is still right here with us. According to Dr. Victoria Miller, a materials science and engineering professor at North Carolina State University, the plastic film from which most glitter is made takes about 1,000 years to completely biodegrade on Earth."

My personal experience is true glitter lovers understand as much as we like the sparkles, we are not fans of the 1,000 year pollution that comes with it. 

It is disappointing the Times did not touch on how the new plant based technologies in Ecoglitter allow it to decompose in a matter of a months instead of the 1,000 year glitter pollution we grew up with.

Maj. Sparkles

Read the full article here:

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