About Ecoglitter

How did we get started?

In my social circles, I am known as the Glitter Guy. After my career in the Marine Corps I retired to Portland, Oregon looking for an opportunity to start my own business.

During a St. Patrick’s Day costume run in 2014, I made an impromptu stop along the route and purchased some glitter. I spent the day glitter-dusting friends. Quickly this became tradition, establishing my sparkly reputation.

In 2017, news headlines announced that microplastics were affecting global water systems—and glitter was highlighted as an increasing source of long-term microplastic pollution. The whimsical pleasure of glittering up friends suddenly became an unintended form of eco-terrorism, and I realized I didn’t want my pastime to negatively impact the environment.  

I started Ecoglitter out of my desire to provide an affordable, environmental friendly glitter. Initially, I couldn’t find a manufacturer because it simply didn’t exist yet. Eventually, similar products trickled into the market but at an excessive price for recreational use. In the summer of 2018, I found and partnered with a manufacturer that could provide it at a sensible price point.

Looking forward Ecoglitter is partnering with various non-profits, such as Sail Relief Team, who are actively improving the human impact on the environment. As Ecoglitter grows and becomes viable I will be supporting various environmental groups and projects through discounted Ecoglitter for resale as well as direct donations.