Teaming up with Sail Relief Team supporting Puerto Rico

We have teamed up with the Sail Relief Team (SRT), a Burners, Without Borders 501(c)(3) non-profit, to support efforts for hurricane recovery and solar power independence in Puerto Rico.

Artists specializing a variety of mediums will sell Ecoglitter branded with the SRT logo at festivals around the country raising money for SRT projects.

Jerika Renee is the first of several artists supporting this cause. This summer she will be at Grateful Dead and Co shows and festivals on the East Coast. We will pass along details on where to find her and other artists as this project develops.

We are providing glitter to SRT at wholesale pricing with no minimum pricing and are covering the costs for the custom label and shipping. All proceeds will be donated directly to the SRT helping fund their hurricane recovery efforts and solar independence efforts.

If you are interested in supporting this cause you can subscribe to our blog to find what festivals SRT Ecoglitter will be available or donate to SRT directly at this link. 


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