WNYC delves into Glitter News

"We are using very finite resources to make things that are completely disposable."

WNYC in New York City interviewed Caity Weaver about her New York Times article on glitter. (Jump to 21:40).

Among her revelations, Weaver had a major awakening to how we use a fossil fuel based product for something that is purely used for short lived temporary decorative purposes. 

It is interesting to hear as well how secretive the glitter industry is with the processes and clients.

You can hear the full radio show at the link below:



  • I think Ecoglitter would probably fit for the intent of what your zoo is trying to accomplish.

    People are turning away from single use plastic because it is used for a singular brief moment then has a thousand years until it is naturally broken down.

    Ecoglitter is undeniably a single use product. However it can naturally decompose in a matter of months unlike the thousand year decay of petroleum based plastic.

  • I am curious about your product. I work at a zoo that is trying to eliminate single use plastic. Facepaint often uses glitter. Does this work for that reason. If so, what are the colors that you use?

    Patricia Miller

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